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PACE Programs

Day Center For Seniors

Sometimes, seniors simply miss the company, and they want to have someone to talk to besides their husband or wife. Kids are all grown up, they have their business and their own kids that come as often as possible to visit their grandparents. While seniors can have many hobbies, and many different activates to do, still, even that gets boring! And we understand that.

Our PACE programs include many activities for seniors, but also proper medical care that they need. Seniors who are in a wheelchair can have great use of this program since they will not feel anymore like they are limited to do whatever they want! Are you eligible to enroll in this program?

PACE Programs

Well, every senior with a pension fund and Medicare Supplement Plan can enroll in this course. If the senior does not have any of these, then we are going to find a decent solution that will provide seniors with all care that he or she needs. We know that some seniors suffer from serious medical conditions, and for them, we have created a special medical team that works similarly to the typical team of caregivers, except they have a medical background. These caregivers with a medical background are certified to give all types of medicaments and provide first aid in case of accidents.

PACE programs will really change the lives of seniors, and seniors will be able to also meet new friends! Transportation is included, and while staying in our day center, seniors will be entertained and left to have fun on their own also.