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Irvine Limo Service

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Limousines are the height of traveling in luxury and glamour. Everybody wants to make their special day even more special and such small gestures and decisions are the things that make it happen. Each and every one of us dreams of riding in the limousine at least once in their lives.

Here are a few types of Limousine that are quite

famous and easily available at Irvine limo service:

The Customized Limo:

If you have a decent budget then this is the ride for you. This is usually used for official transport (corporate transport) but if you are interested in making it your wedding transport then it will be excellent. The upholstery is very elegant and the overall effect of the interior is very decent. If you are renting it for your wedding then the interior will be changed from decent to romantic with the click of a button. You will even have dimmed lights, artificial fire, or you can also have floral decorations, high tech devices and sound systems and so much more.

Irvine Limo Service
The Limousine Bus:

The Limousine Buss is available at Irvine limo service at a relatively cheap price. If you are in a party mood and you are traveling with a lot of friends then you will like this vehicle a lot. It can hold comfortably old twenty two people. It has a humongous interior space that you will love. The ride will be comfortable and there will space to move around. In fact you will have space to dance the whole way if you want. It is housed with dance mirrors, steam equipment; surround sound, huge LCDs, lighted floors, and so much more. And trust us when we say that it is relatively cheap as compared to the other versions.

Stretch Limousine:

This is a type of limousine that is easily affordable. It is a stretched version of the everyday car with luxury. The interior of the limo is full of the signature gadgets that we love so much.

To rent any of these limousines, you will have to go to the website of any of the companies and look at what they have to offer. Just look around and book the car online. Just give your necessary information like your name, contact information, the type of service you want, the type of vehicle you want and the time and date of the service and you are done.