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Hottest Nightclubs in Miami

Hottest Nightclubs in Miami

Miami is known for glamour, glitz, and debauchery. It is no secret the town is known all over for over-the-top bottle services. You are guaranteed on any night to get a place to party. From lowkey bars to mega clubs and member-only reserves can never miss in Miami catering for everyone’s needs. Among the most decorated and hottest clubs in Miami include


Partying at this iconic club is like an elevation to the newly unlocked level. Dubbed the spot for celebrities in Miami. Renovated in 2017 on a 10 million dollar budget and boast of huge designed LED spider by SJ lighting owner Steve Lieberman. You are considered golden if you can secure a table at this mega-club.  Here is a look behind the scenes at Club Liv.

Basement Miami

An adult playground sitting on a 2000 square-foot ice rink with a four bowling alley. Though it comes with state of the art features, culture inclusivity has been the point of attraction. If you happen to be a Miami-Dade resident, the Basement will roll for you the red carpet, unlike past times when it was only accessed by the famous and the rich. Now you can access it too easily.


The most decorated dance mecca boast of a bright laser. The coveted club has had its own share of the decorated artist from the likes of Avicii to Tiesto among others on its stage. If you are in the south beach club to dance, there is no need to be in Miami.

Wall Lounge

You will watch light shows on the wall, performances by famous artist and DJs.The dazzling boutique sprawl located inside is the center of star-stubbed activities. New times record that wall lounge triumph is embedded in its size. Due to the parlor, the VIP room has been limited. The laze serves as the VIP. Get a reserve on one of the gold leather seats at will lounge, order an ornamental cocktail and escape the chaos of the night.


Occupies the former habitat of popular joints Lens Bians and Chaos. This is the place people live out their Miami fantasies, waking up and wonder if the fees were worth it. Come and dance from Monday to Friday. It is considered among the finest South beach dance clubs Washington Avenue

For party lovers, Miami is the place to be as you will never be disappointed be it on Monday or a Thursday. You are sorted out with night plans form the mega clubs to low key bars.