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Start Your Business Safely

The transportation and logistics industry is booming and as a former trucker you decided to start a business of your own. You already bought trucks, you hired reliable dispatchers and thought about freight brokering services.

But there is more to it; you can’t just start a business out of the blue, there are some laws and regulations that you need to pass first. To ensure that each of your trucks can legally operate on the road, it is a little challenging. Aside from a lot of rules that you need to follow you also need to fill out a BOC 3 form. BOC stands for blanket of coverage and this form allows your trucks to operate on interstates in all of the states in which you do business and it is pretty simple to fill.


But before you let a sign of relief and start planning your business you should know that you cannot fill this form on your own; a professional needs to do it for you. Those professionals are authorized process agents and they are a third party companies that are authorized to fill a BOC 3. The good thing is that you can choose your process agent who will not only fill in a form but will also be in charge of your legal documents. The reason why you should choose this company to do this job for you is that their founder is also a former trucker and he understands this industry very well. Also they have real agents in every state and they are reasonable priced with no additional costs.

Now that you know everything that is needed for you to start your business you can finally celebrate and happily start a new chapter in your life.