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Miami is one of the most exciting travel destinations of my life! Not only does it boast of a long coastline, well-preserved natural diversity, an abundance of things to do, and its popular landmarks but it also has well-kept secrets on adventures and activites that I have only experienced in Miami.

Sizing almost 3 million people, travelers always have something new to discover here. Having some guide on must-do’s and must-go’s is such a great help! I am so thrilled to share with you my Miami travel experiences, hoping to help you make the most of your own journey!

Making the decision to move to Miami was not at all easy. It was challenging, especially since it meant leaving my comfort zone and exposing myself to an entirely new place, people, food, and culture. Despite the fears and inconveniences that came with it, I’m glad that I pushed through because it changed my life forever!

Exploring this blog will give you a preview of the Miami experience. I hope you find inspiration and answers to your questions.

See you in Miami!